We provide retail and commercial lighting services.

Precise information transfer is essential in trade and commercial spaces; in case of retail lighting design, the visualization as the main channel of communication, requires proper light conditions.

Our Values

Multiannual design and retail experience, architectural focus, user centered design, consultancy and direct communication.

Feasibility, accurate product know-how, wide range of producers. Situationanalysis, suitable for the given environment and for the specific client needs.


It can be a highlight or general ambient light source, in the retail lighting industry; the appropriate color reproduction, brightness and light temperature help in communication; it becomes enhanced and visible, what is important and authentic.


With 3 years of experience in designing at 3F project, this professional assignment and careful design planning are available for designing commercial spaces.


Working with a wide range of suppliers to offer the right look and performance accessories.


Retail lighting design is powered both in the interior of the business premises, while presenting the products, in the fitting booths, or in the salesman's showrooms, and is visible even in shop windows, outdoors, on the shopfronts.


  • Lighting design planning, lighting images, color temperature and dimensional design
  • Selling plans with devices, by designing the project with the right product
  • Architectural visualizations, emphasizing light effects
  • Design consultancy, project consultation
  • State survey, dimensioning, design
  • Modernization, execution


Due to its professional producers the 3F project company is able to provide even the appropriate facilities for the lighting design plans in fields of commercial- and retail lighting.



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